CHRONICLE – How it all started

The story of a small farm to a bed and breakfast…


The history of our house begins in 1930. Juliane and Anton Kerber, have started to build the “Haus Hochmoos” here in this unique panoramic position. Mathilde Kerber was born in 1930.


In the winter of 1950 she started renting. At that time there was a single room and two double rooms for the price of 5 shillings (0.35 cents) per night per person. Breakfast was served in the own living room and when it was warm outside in the garden. Since in the past one lived only from agriculture, this was a nice additional income for the two of them. Where today is room No. 7, was formerly the driveway for the threshing floor (storage room for hay). The hay was also used with the cows at that time, because there was no tractor in the house at the time. When it was then used for feeding, one opened a luck (where today is room no. 8) and threw the hay into the stable. At that time, today’s fireplace was the stable.


Many of our guests can certainly still remember the old 1-chairlift. It was built in 1964, and with it a little tourism in Lermoos began to grow.

Mathilde and Josef Koch decided in 1966 for 6 more rooms (rooms 1-6).

As tourism became more and more, they decided in 1984 for a further 8 rooms (rooms 9-17). That same year, Alexandra was born in April. Due to severe illness of Josef Koch, the rooms were not completed until 1988.

We hope you have been able to gain a little insight into the history of Pension Hochmoos and wish you relaxing days in our house.



A lot has happened this year. Wedding of Adelbert and Clasine and takeover of the pension. In the same year Manuel was born in May and Josef Koch sadly passed away after a serious illness.

In the summer of 1988, the first and second floors were completed and thus there was room for about 32 people in the house. But not to forget Marina was born in April 1991 and in February 1995 our nest-häkchen Marco. Over time, the rooms have been renovated and expanded so that today 40 people can enjoy their holiday in the house.

Clasine retired on May 1, 2012 and Alexandra has been running the pension ever since.

In May 2016 Manuel expanded our attic and the triple room Zugspitze and the double room Grubigstein were built. For the winter season 2016/17 these were rented for the first time.

Thus, 45 people can enjoy their holiday in our guesthouse.

On 05.08.2017 Mathilde fell asleep peacefully with her family.

In autumn 2019, our breakfast room was completely renovated.
We decided to renew everything from the breakfast buffet to the new floor and a new cooling system.