Mountains in flames

The mountain fires at the summer solstice are the top highlight of every year in the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena. About the 3rd Saturday in June (weather dependent), the ehrwald-Lermoos-Biberwier basin shines in fiery splendour. With spectacular fire motifs you celebrate the longest day and the shortest night.

Since 2010, the mountain fires of the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena have been part of the intangible UNESCO cultural heritage.

DATE 2022: 18.06.2022
Alternate date: 25.06.2022

Mountains in flames


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When dusk falls over the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena, luminous fire sculptures appear on the mountains around the Wetterstein massif, the Mieminger Chain and the Lechtal Alps. The motifs are diverse and range from symbols from mythology and faith to current topics. Sparkling candles, shining crosses, burning deer or shining hearts amaze the numerous visitors.

Months before, the planning of the Sunday fires begins. More than 300 mountain feurs ensure that the breathtaking motifs can be admired at the right time. After careful surveying of the rock faces on the mountain, the spectacular fire sculptures are designed. Up to 700 bags, filled with sawdust and rapeseed oil, must be towed to the mountains and arranged correctly. A total of about 10,000 individual fire pits are ignited. The bags are anchored at an altitude of up to 2,000 metres. Here, very good mountaineering skills are required, as the terrain is steep and the mountain refeurs have to descend at night.

The origin of the mountain fires goes back to an old custom: since the 14th century, fires have been lit that night to drive out evil demons and spirits.