We are a partner of the Snowpower Ski School

Get to know the pleasures of skiing individually and flexibly in a breathtaking environment

or deepen your skills. The Snowpower Lermoos Ski School offers the perfect programme for all ages.

In the morning on the fresh piste take the first turns or take the descent – winter sports enthusiasts are in their element in the mountains. In the magnificent setting of the Grubigstein ski region, you can enjoy the time on the boards that mean the world. It is precisely this joy of snow that we want to convey to our guests. Individually and flexibly, we respond to your wishes and needs 7 days a week in the course of group and private courses.


Courses can be booked at our reception!

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Ski School Snowpower

The optimal program.

Class instead of mass

Fresh and motivated, our dedicated ski team started anew in 2017: Founded by ski instructors from the Lermoos Ski School and Snowpower, we combine extensive know-how with many years of experience. We teach our students state-of-the-art driving methods and serve all levels of performance with the wide range of courses on offer. Our special children’s branch is aimed at the youngest ski enthusiasts: With the Kids program, we awaken and promote the passion for the slopes of the minis and live them out together.

Accessible skiing fun at the Snowpower Lermoos Ski School

Handicaps are only available in golf! At the Snowpower Ski School, technical and didactic innovations ensure barrier-free fun on the slopes for everyone – including people with disabilities. We convey this boundless joy in the snow seven days a week, whether in group lessons of up to nine people or in private individual courses. In addition, you can expect a lot of exciting experiences: from torchlight descents to panoramic tours. So what are we waiting for? We look forward to seeing you!